Interested in joining us?

Each of the forty loft units in the Eclipse Mill has a unique layout, with its own amenities for both living and studio usage. The Eclipse Mill is a self-governing condominium association, with an elected board and open decision making process for members of the residential community.

The City of North Adams has established a zoning amendment specifically for the Eclipse Mill, as working artist studios that allow for “accessory residential use”. It is not enough for an Eclipse Mill loft resident to simply claim the title of “artist.” The artist must have a history of active engagement in artistic endeavors. Further, the artist’s studio process must be consistent with cooperative communal living in terms of health or safety hazards, use of toxic materials or disruptive noise.

Who qualifies?

You qualify if:

    • You create imaginative works of aesthetic value, including but not limited to visual art, literature, poetry, playwriting, film, video, digital media works, costume design, photography, architecture, music composition and conceptual art.
    • You create functional art, including but not limited to jewelry, rugs, quilts, furniture and other decor, fashion items, ceramics, toys, graphic design and illustration.
    • You are a performer, including but not limited to singers, musicians, dancers, actors and performance artists.
    • You are engaged in the arts in a supportive role, including but not limited to arts educator, critic, scholar, curator, gallerist, editor, publisher, consultant.
    • You have demonstrated a serious, consistent commitment to your creative pursuit.
    • Your studio process does not present health or safety hazards through use of toxic materials, produce disruptive noise or odors, or otherwise interfere with the residential or creative use of neighbors’ spaces.

The application process:

Check out our Lofts for Sale and Lofts for Rent.

You will asked to submit, DIRECTLY TO THE CURRENT OWNER :

a) A professional CV and supporting materials as evidence of your artistic commitment, such as links to an artist web site, publications, reviews, videos, or other relevant documentation of your work.

b) An application form available here: Transfer_and_Rental_Application.

What happens next ?

Once the above materials are submitted to the owner, they are forwarded to the Artist’s Review Committee (ARC), a standing committee of the board.
The ARC reviews the submitted material to insure that:
a) The applicant demonstrates a minimum of three years of commitment to his/her artistic endeavor out of the past five years.
b) The applicant’s process does not violate any local health or safety ordinances.
c) The applicant’s creative process will not interfere with the artistic endeavors of artists in neighboring units.

It is important to recognize that the ARC does not look at your portfolio the way a gallery might. It is looking for evidence of sustained original work over a period of time, while insuring that the applicant’s processes will not present a noise, health or safety hazard, or otherwise interfere with the residential or creative use of neighbors’ spaces. It is not necessary that the applicant demonstrate an income from their artistic endeavors.

We will be in contact with you to set up a meeting to explain the workings of the Mill and answer any questions you may have.

The ARC forwards it’s recommendation to the board, which has the final decision. Decisions are usually made within four to six weeks of submission.