Area Merchants and Service Providers

How to use this guide:

This guide offers a list of vendors and service providers. A merchant or entity listed here indicates that there has been at least one Eclipse Mill resident who has had a positive experience. However, like any committed and careful consumer, always make sure to vet a merchant by asking your neighbors if they have had any experiences with him/her, looking for online reviews, and asking the merchant for information or, in some cases, references. If an address or website is not shown here, it’s because the merchant can only be reached by phone for further information; this does not occur often in this guide.

Contact information for these merchants can be subject to change over time, so you might have to check for the latest listing online if the information listed here changes. While it does not happen often, businesses can reinvent themselves, fold, or relocate. Please consult the links provided and/or phone numbers to verify the address of each business. Residents can email the Board Secretary at any time to suggest additions or revisions to the guide, which will be updated twice yearly. Also, there are merchants and services not within North Adams and the immediate region, so don’t hesitate to research other entities that you might have to travel to, such as Great Barrington, and the Hadley-Springfield areas, which are not nearby, but are within reasonable driving distances. The guide does not provide any warranties or necessarily any endorsement on any merchants or entities listed; but it does serve to show you what is available in North Adams and the local region.

UPDATED: December 2022