ISOLATION | EXPANSE at Real Eyes Gallery May 1–31, 2021

Diane Reed Sawyer is exhibiting ISOLATION | EXPANSE at Real Eyes Gallery in Adams, MA

The Isolation series is part of a group of paintings I’ve created over the course of the pandemic. Working with oil and cold-wax medium, I have begun painting more intuitively, letting ideas emerge as I work. I listen to the painting, and follow it where it takes me. I often experiment by adding other media including ink, wax crayon, charcoal, and acrylic. This process has given me more freedom in my practice, and it has opened up many new possibilities.

In the Expanse series I explore the earth from the unique perspective of the sky. Working in soft pastel I create the illusion of space, capturing the patterns and shapes below. While I find my own narrative emerging as I work, I also keep the ambiguity of the landscape open to interpretation, so that viewer can discover their own meaning in what they see.

The gallery welcomes visitors by appointment May 1-31, and is hosting an artist tour online on May 7th at 5pm. Visit Real Eyes Gallery on Facebook for information. Call Bill Riley at 917-440-2400 to schedule a visit.

Real Eyes Gallery, 71 Park St., North Adams, MA 01247

I hope you will be able to get there for a visit!

Diane Sawyer