ROTH/LEWITT Installation at Eclipse Mill

Roth /Lewitt installation at Eclipse Mill in North Adams

In June 2020, Erica Wall, Director of Berkshire Cultural Resource Center, invited the Eclipse Mill to host and execute a project created by the Colorado artist Yumi Janairo Roth.

The team of artist residents from Eclipse Mill included, Dawn Nelson, Gail Sellers, Suzette Martin, Laurie Miles, Sarah Sutro, Chuck Hotchkiss and Catherine Dunning.

We were provided with a “kit” and instructions on how to paint squares which refer to social distancing on the adjacent Union Street sidewalk. Using a cardboard stencil, the team sprayed six squares as per the artists instructions, which were formatted to revisit the instruction-based conceptual work of Sol LeWitt.

This was an opportunity to participate as one of several sites for this project in North Adams, and to support the arts in our community.

You had to look quick, because a rain shower erased the squares several days later.

Photos by Alex Baker
Executing the installation which referenced both social distancing and conceptual work by Sol Lewitt.