Lynn Gall

Lynn Gall is a multi-dimensional collage artist working in New York City and North Adams, MA. Her internationally collected work explores the relationships between the surreal and the real. She frequently shows her work at open studio events in both places and annually at Kolaj Fest in New Orleans.










She is the author of two books on collage which are available on Amazon; “Collage Brain: Idea, Insights, Inspiration” (link) and “Mythical Creatures: Cyborgs, Chimeras and Exquisite Corpses” (link). Both books were reviewed in Kolaj Magazine.

“In Collage Brain, New York collagist and collage teacher Lynn Gall presents a reference manual of sorts for those making fine art collage. The book contains images, commentary, hints and insider tips for collage artists at any experience level and easily adapted to their own unique vision.”

Collage Brain was also reviewed in the regional website, Berkshire Fine Arts.

“New York-based collagist Lynn Gall is making folklore. Her new book, Mythical Creatures in Collage, offers a printed collection of surreal collage figures that blend science fiction, emerging mythology, and speculative folklore with the artist’s “craftsmanship and an unusual point of view.”

She is currently, along with exploring many alternative media and concepts of collage, hard at work on a third book.

Instagram: “LynnGall”

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