July 5 – 27

Marjorie Minkin ~ Evolution

Lexan Works 1989 – 2014


243 Union Street, North Adams MA

July 5 – 27, 2014

Hours: Thursday – Sunday 12-5

By Appointment: (617) 803-5811

Artist Reception

July 12, 6 – 8 pm

Artist Talk at 7 pm

Minkin began using Lexan in the mid eighties as a way to increase the layering of color on her canvases while not losing the transparency and effects of light she was after in her work. Lexan is a clear industrial plastic used in ships, airplane windows, architecture, and bullet-resistant vests. As both a support for Minkin’s sophisticated use of paint and a superbly translucent material with unusual sculptural properties, it creates its own refractions, colored shadows, and appealing illusions of depth that shift and play with ambient light with every step that changes the viewing angle.

Over the years, Minkin’s process evolved from using  Lexan as an overlay for canvases to using the material free-form by itself by heating, shaping, and painting it with acrylic paint and mediums. She learned how to heat-mold the Lexan more freely to create more dimension in her relief works. The material also became clearer as the manufacturer’s process improved, allowing her to achieve greater transparency and and better reflections.

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