Something’s Missing, Drawings and Ceramics by Catherine Dunning, May 3-30, 2021

Eclipse Mill Gallery, May 3-30, 2021


Detail of a drawing by Catherine Dunning

This beautiful world is convulsing. Glaciers melt, coastlines recede and animals disappear.
These facts prompt my impulse to draw and to say Something’s Missing. The drawings begin with an appreciation and then fall into ruin. There is usually some evidence of what I began with, left in the end.
The drawings are graphite, charcoal, pastel, gouache, ink, oil paint stick.

Ceramic Wall Vases

A sampling of Catherine’s wall vases.

The wall vases are empty vessels and you fill them as you please with whats missing.
They hold flowers and greens at least. This work has made me very happy as the forms came easily and are impossible to repeat. The wall vases are wheel-thrown, painted and glazed white earthenware.
They are watertight and food safe.

Ceramic Plates

These plates are an attempt to bridge my drawing with my ceramics. They have their origins in sketches of the Hoosic River and its surroundings. The plates are wheel-thrown, painted and glazed white earthenware.

Gallery hours for this show are Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm, and by appointment. Please contact us to set up an appointment, or with questions.

Special thanks to Gail Sellers and River Hill Pottery for their generous support