chair. arch . wave . oval . box. collaborative works on paper, March 1–April 16

Collaboration requires a willingness to share the page.

This series of works on paper, based on one-word prompts and created behind closed studio doors, was an opportunity to interact with five artists of widely different practices.

As we gathered every week for three months, sharing the latest additions to our five series, we felt ourselves let go of expectations, and open to experimentation and play. What a wonderful change from being isolated in the studio with just the inner critic for company!

Each drawing was a link in a chain. Each link had to fit the content and composition of the previous and subsequent link. Through this repeated process, one drawing became a part of the other drawings.

The beauty of collaboration is that it expanded each of us beyond our range of creating. We took account not only our own but others’ ideas, and responded visually. In the end we were not just finishing our own piece, but contributing to the whole.

This has been a wonderful way to work as a small group here in the Mill, a generative and fun way to build creative community in this time of isolation.

From statements by: Johanna Klain, Suzette Martin, Diane Sawyer, Catherine Dunning, Sarah Sutro

This show will be in the gallery through April 16, 2021.

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