J. Alexander Baker

J. Alexander Baker
Photography and Digital Art

Alex Baker is a fine art, performance and landscape photographer based in New England.

Alex spent 22 years as an actor, set and lighting designer, technical director, and stage manager in the theater. While working in show business, Alex took classes in photography and honed his craft. He did portraiture and portfolios for actors and models, as well as performance photography for the theater, dance and musicians. Over time, Alex’s photographic work has evolved to include fine art, landscape, architectural and street photography.

Alex studied acting in New York and Los Angeles with three of America’s greatest acting teachers:
John Leyne (The Method), Viola Spolin (Improvisation) and Susan Anspach (Meisner Technique).
His theatrical and photographic work has been deeply informed by what he learned about human behavior as an actor. He attended the University of North Carolina, Theater Arts BFA program but left early to work professionally. He graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a BA in Theater Arts.
Alex can still be seen in small roles in some pretty bad movies on cable, DVD or VHS tapes.