(Not Entirely) Black & White, May 2023

The Eclipse Mill Gallery presents (Not Entirely) BLACK and WHITE
by artists Leni Fried and Dawn Nelson from May 1-29, 2023.
The Gallery, at 243 Union Street, #102, will be open daily from 11 am to 6 pm.
There will be an opening celebration on May 12 from 6-8 pm. 

(Not Entirely) BLACK and WHITE


I chose black and white as the theme and Dawn added the ‘Not entirely’.I started working entirely in black and white during Covid. It was a challenge as I have always relied on using color in my work.


I responded with enthusiasm to the theme. In many ways Covid was a time of black and white. We were isolated into family units, social bubbles. Political polarities arose between groups. There were opposing camps. And life and death were pitted against each other.


The Covid series emerged during the pandemic. I worked quick studies using soft cut linoleum. Every day there were new words added to the collective vocabulary. Social distance, disinfect, pod, lockdown. I tried to capture these as well as the backdrop of our politics. George Floyd, Trumpism and the increasing hostility between people as we wrestled with a virus.


I added the ‘Not Entirely’. As the pandemic eased nuances emerged. We took off our masks and looked at each other.What was left? Many of us worldwide were dead.Many families were shattered.

Leni and Dawn:

Under our masks is nuance. We are not just a sea of eyes. Even the colors of black and white are nuanced. There are cool and warm blacks, cool and warm whites and then there is the mixing, grey.In our show peeks of color emerge and subtleties and nuance are finding their ways back into our lives.

Leni Fried/Dawn Nelson